The Royal Scottish Society of Arts (Science and Technology)
One-hundred and seventy-fourth session: 1994-95

The first meeting of the session will be held within
Merchiston Campus of Napier University on Monday 10th October 1994 at 7.30pm.

The President Mr Harry Ogden, B.Sc., C.Eng., M.R.AeS. will occupy the chair.

"The Great Comet Crash 1994"
Dr. Steven Miller,
Department of Physics & Astronomy
University College, London

Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 during the 1992 orbit of Jupiter suffered
graviational stresses and broke up into some 20 mountain side pieces of mud,
rock and ice with preducted tremendous impacts onto Jupiter from July 16th
this year. This celestial event set the world astronomers on standby with all
sophisticated telescopes trained on Jupiter for the comet impacts.

Dr. Miller was on hand in Hawaii and had a ringside seat for viewing. With
slides and video he will illustrate this major scientific event.

Private Business
1. The minutes of the AGM Meeting held on Monday 11th April 1994.
2. Any other business.

Coffee will be served after the meeting.

Harry Ogden,

3 Southbank Court,
Easter Park Drive,
Edinburgh EH4 6JR.
Telephone: 0131-336 2346