The Royal Scottish Society of Arts (Science and Technology)
One-hundred and seventy-fourth session: 1994-95
The fifth meeting of the session will be held within Merchiston Campus of Napier University on Monday 6th February 1995 at 7:30pm.
The President Mr Harry Ogden, BSc, CEng, MRAeS, will occupy the chair.

The Future of the Cellular Telephone
Mr David A Williams DipM MCIM
Business Strategy Director
GSM Products Division, MOTOROLA

The portable cellular telephone and the associated radio communication
network is no longer a communication toy but has become a serious communication
item in today's business world. The future of the public pay phone is
now in doubt as Mercury pull out of their payphone challenge to BT. The
cellular telephone has become of age. We see competition developing in new
car sales with the offer of a free installation and rental deal for the product
to assist the driver and passengers in case of breakdown or other emergency.

Out lecturer has presented papers at many cellular conferences both in
the UK and abroad as far as Beijing, China. Motoralla [sic] are a major company
in the delvelopment of cellular systems and we look forward to a peep into
the future.

Private business
1. The minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 9th December, 1994.
2. Any other business

Coffee will be served after the meeting.

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