The Royal Scottish Society of Arts (Science and Technology)
One-hundred and seventy-fifth session: 1995-96

The sixth meeting of the session will be held within Craiglockhart
Campus of Napier University on Monday 4th Marth 1996 at 7:30pm

The President Mr Harry Ogden, BSc, CEng, MRAeS, will occupy the chair.

"Whisky and Scotland: some reflections on its past and present"
Peter M Dryburgh,
Edinburgh University

The origins of whisky making are to be found far back in the history of fermentation and
distillation. The early history of these processes will be reviewed briefly as an
introduction to the history of whisky itself.

The history of whisky is an intrinsic part of the history of Scotland and the 18th and 19th
centuries encompassed many important events. The crucial part played by the invention 
of grain whisky and its use in blending will be discusses with reference to the
development of the Scotch whisky industry. The nature of the drink and importance of
classification and adulteration will be examined.

The history of whisky since the Second World War will bring us up to date with the state
of the industry and lead to some analysis of its economic structure and problems.

Private Business:
1. The minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 5th February 1996.
2. Any other business.
Please note the AGM has been postponed to Monday 1st April 1996 and a billet will
advise details of this meeting in due course.

Coffee will be served after the meeting.

Harry Ogden,

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Easter Park Drive,
Edinburgh EG4 6JR.
Telephone: 0131-336 2346