The Royal Scottish Society of Arts
(Science and Technology)

Eighth Meeting and Annual General Meeting
of the 177th Session 1997-98


Graham Rule
Edinburgh University Computing Service,
and Council Member of the RSSA

in Computer Service Training Suite (Room 307),
Appleton Tower, George Square, Edinburgh 8
on Monday 27th April 1998 at 7.00 p.m.

Computer communications are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives, and central to this is the world-wide network of access connections that is known as the Internet. Graham Rule will demonstrate how the Internet operates, and fellows will have the opportunity to use connected PCs in the laboratory to 'surf the Web' themselves.

IMPORTANT CHANGE: Please note that in order to complete arrangements for this meeting, the date has had to be moved by one week, to 27 April. Note also that the meeting is not being held in the Royal Medical Society's rooms but in the adjacent Appleton Tower, the tall building immediately to the south of the Crichton St car park, entry from Crichton St. Our time in the laboratory is limited and so other business will be kept to a minimum. Any Fellows requiring access without steps should contact Graham Rule in advance on 667-0647.

J.W.F. Hendery, Secretary (0131) 552 2133