The Royal Scottish Society of Arts
(Science and Technology)

Opening Meeting
of the 178th Session 1998-99

The Keith Lecture, 1998 - Public Lecture - Admission Free

Land-Mines and the
Dervish Mine-Detonating Vehicle

Stephen Salter
Professor of Engineering Design
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
University of Edinburgh

The meeting will take place in the Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street on Monday 19th October 1998, at 7pm.

International concern for land-mine victims has highlighted the seemingly impossible task of clearing unexploded mines in some of the poorest parts of the world. While much research effort is currently directed to mine detecting, the very radical approach of Stephen Salter and his team at Edinburgh University has been the development of low-cost robot vehicles to sweep mine-fields and detonate the mines.

The rotating 'Dervish' can clear in one minute the area that would take a day by conventional manual probing techniques, and it can operate around the clock. The Dervish has demonstrated its detection efficiency and ability to survive in live minefields. Full-scale trials of the guidance system are in progress.

Professor Salter has been awarded the Society's 1998 Keith Medal for Innovation for this exceptional project. The latest Dervish vehicle will be on display at the lecture.

Interested members of the public are welcome to attend.

(Entry to the Museum Lecture Theatre is at the rear of the Museum, in Lothian Street)

Society Business:

The President, Dr Allen D C Simpson, will occupy the Chair.

  1. Notice of the meetings on 16 November, 14 December and 18 January.
  2. The Society's Keith Medal for Innovation will be awarded to Professor Salter.

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