The Royal Scottish Society of Arts
(Science and Technology)

Second Meeting
of the 178th Session 1998-99

Global Warming and Scotland's Weather for the Next Millennium

Prof. Robert Harwood
Professor of Atmospheric Science University of Edinburgh

at the Royal Medical Society's Rooms,
Student Center, 5/5 Bristo Square, Edinburgh 8
on Monday 16th November 1998 at 7pm

Most scientists believe that the weather and climate are changing through our actions in burning fossil fuels and releasing other pollutants, but do we really know, and what can we say for certain about what our weather will be like in the next century? Prof. Harwood will discuss briefly what is involved in the simulation of climate by computer, what our computer models currently forecast for Scotland for the coming decades, what confidence we can have in their predictions, and the extent to which current extreme weather patterns are the result of pollution or simply a sign of natural variability.