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Bicentenary Lunch

The Royal Scottish Society of Arts was originally founded as ‘The Society for the Encouragement of the Useful Arts in Scotland’, concerned with the development of the ‘useful’ arts and manufactures or what would today be described as science, technology engineering and mathematics.

The Council intends to mark the 200th Anniversary with a Celebratory Lunch at the Signet Library, Parliament Square, Edinburgh on either Friday 24th June or Friday 1st July 2022. At the moment it is not possible to confirm the final date, and the Council invites Fellows to indicate to the Secretary whether you might be able to attend.

Very regrettably, and for reasons that are totally outwith our control, we are not able to proceed with the lunch on either of these dates. We are very much hoping, however, that we will shall be able to reschedule for a date a little later in the year.

Mr Peter Jones, Secretary
Telephone: 0131 622 0428