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Annual General Meeting of the 176th Session (1996-1997)

Improving Environmental Quality in the Forth Catchment

Mr Tom Leatherland
Regional Officer for the Scottish Environment Regional Agency

The rooms of the Royal Medical Society,
Student Centre, Bristo Square, Edinburgh
on Monday 21st April 1997 at 6.45pm.

On 1st April 1996 the task of regulating many activities with the potential to impact environmental quality transferred to a single new organisation, The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). Staff was inherited from 64 predecessor orsanisations to control such matters as discharges, industrial emissions, solid wastes transfer and disposal,and fixed radioactive sources and discharges. The Environment Act 1995 also gave SEPA new duties in flood risk assessment conservation and the promotion of sustainable development with consideration of costs and benefits. It also inherited the task of assessing compliance with European Union Directives concerning water quality The new Water Framework Directive changes several directives but the thrust towards continuing improvement in water quality remains. A new quality classificatlon scheme for rivers has recently been adopted.

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