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5th Meeting of the 177th Session (1997-1998)

Falklands Oil: How, When, and at What Cost to the Community?

Dr Phil Richards
Principal Geologist, British Geological Survey, and Exploration Team Manager for Falklands Island Government

Held at the Royal Medical Society's Rooms
Student Center, 5/5 Bristo Square, Edinburgh
on Monday 16th February 1998 at 7pm

Oil exploration around the Falklands will begin in earnest this year with the start of a $200 million drilling capaign.  However, the chances of success are only about 1 in 8.  How does good science reduce the risk and improve the chances of exploration success in a frontier as large as this? The prospect of billions of barrels of oil means a huge potential windfall for the people of the Islands.  But what of the environmental, political and social impacts of oil revenues and activities on a population of 2,100 people, in one of the last pink bits on the map, and with an inquisitive neighbour on the sidelines?

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