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Navigating the Millennium Minefield:
A Survival Guide for Industry, Commerce and Government

Dr Margaret Joachim
Manager of EMEA 2000 Services at EDS, and formerly with Taskforce 2000

Media Coverage of the Year 2000 Problem, or Millennium "Bomb", increases every day. Much of it seems exaggerated and alarmist, which makes it more difficult for rational explanations of the problem and its consequences to be heard and understood. If the issues are not tackled effectively and in time there will be very real difficulties, with the potential to disrupt may aspects of our personal, social and working lives, as well as having national and international economic and political repercussions. Even now, unfortunately, most governments and many companies are doing far too little.

Dr Joachim will give a lively and intelligible explanation of the cause and scope of the Millennium problem, which is guaranteed to be completely free from computer jargon. She will review some of the apparently unconnected factors which make a successful resolution particularly difficult, and will suggest some strategies for survival.

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