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Opening Meeting of the 179th Session (1999-2000)

GM Crops : Facts, Fallacies and Fantasies

Dr Ulrich Loening
Molecular Biologist and formerly Director of the Centre for Human Ecology, University of Edinburgh

at the Royal Museum Lecture Theatre, Chambers Street, Edinburgh
on Monday 15th November 1999 at 7pm

Why are GM plants so special? Is genetic manipulation really just the scientific continuation of breeding or is it something quite new?

Is there a scientific basis for the public opposition to GM crops? Dr Loening will examine critically the rationale of the biological process of GM, the methods and ecology of agriculture and the likely impact of GM crops.

We trace a history which shows how genetic engineering is one more big step in over-riding natural processes. We ask whether, even if GM crops were tolally safe and harmless, do we need them? What are the more urgent priorities for agriculture by comparison with which GM technology becomes just a techno-fix fantasy?

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