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6th Meeting of the 179th Session (1999-2000)

The Epidemic Spread of Cellphone Technology

The Precautionary Approach as a Modern Public Health Intervention

Dr Helene Irvine
Constultant in Public Health Medicine
Communicable Diseases and Environmental Health,
Greater Glasgow Health Board

at the Royal Medical Society's Rooms, Student Centre, (1st Floor), Bristo Square, Edinburgh
on Monday 13th March 2000 at 7pm

Twenty-four thousand masts have been erected in the UK with little or no public debate. Most of these went up without planning permission and many in the face of substantial objection from local people. The industry plans another 100,000 masts in order to provide 100% e-commerce coverage demanded by Central Government. One in two of us use a cellphone and children are now being targeted by a mult-billion pound industry. But are cellphones and their masts completely safe? Can we afford to ignore any evidence that suggests cellphone radiation has effects on living things?

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