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5th Meeting of the 180th Session (2000-2001)

21st Century Health Care:
Rebuilding The Royal Infirmary

The RSSA Buildings Lecture, 2001

Dr Charles Swainson
Medical Director
Lothian University Hospitals NHS Trust

at the Royal Museum Lecture Theatre, Chambers Street, Edinburgh
On Monday 5th March 2001, at 7 pm

A new Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh is being built at Little France and will be fully operational by 2003. Edinburgh hasn't had a purpose-built new hospital since the last Royal Infirmary in the 1870s, and there were several futile attempts made in this century. Planning, building and occupying a new hospital is exciting and terrifying in equal measure: exciting because it is such a large ambitious project with which to develop big improvements in patient care and in the patient's experience of the health service, and terrifying because clearly there are many things that can go wrong!

Most of the University of Edinburgh medical school is also moving with us and this project has offered welcome development opportunities for them. Moving "off centre" will be a new experience for Edinburgh hospitals but we are looking forward to the exciting opportunities to help redevelop Craigmillar and enthuse our staff with what we can bring to that part of the city.

Location of meeting

Public Lecture - Admission Free

Entry to the Museum Lecture Theatre is at the rear of the Museum, in Lothian Street

Graham Rule, Secretary

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