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The Royal Scottish Society of Arts
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6th Meeting of the 180th Session (2000-2001)

A Little Knowledge is a Good Thing, a Little Judgement is Even Better.

The RSSA Annual Science Festival Lecture

Professor Heinz Wolff
Brunel University

In the Lecture Theatre of the Royal Museum of Scotland
Chambers Street, Edinburgh
On Friday 6th April 2001, at 7 pm

The history books of the future will praise the 20th Century for its achievements in science, technology, medicine and space exploration. But it will also be described as the time when trust between all sections of society broke down. Who still really trusts the government, the police, banks, insurance companies, large corporations, even schools or each other? Trust is maintained amongst friends, family and small voluntary 'tribes' who associate for a common objective. Our only defence against this breakdown of trust, some of which may not be justified, is to be better informed - both factually and in the methods by which judgements are formed. The sources of reliable advice must be planted firmly in the community, together with an understanding that there is no sure way to predict the future. Propagating this view and helping in its implementation is what a Science Festival is all about!

Location of meeting

This lecture is open to the public as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Tickets are £5.00 (£3.00 concessions) and should be purchased from the EISF Box Office.

Graham Rule, Secretary

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