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1st Meeting of the 181st Session (2001-2002)

Global Warming:
The Evidence, and An Appropriate Response

Nigel Griffiths, MP

In the Wolfson Suite, Ground Floor
Edinburgh University Library
George Square, Edinburgh
On Monday 5th November 2001, at 7 pm

Global warming was first raised as an issue in the 1960s. It took scientists in the 1980s to persuade mainstream politicians to take it seriously. Now, those concerns and the need to respond are being challenged by the world's most powerful economy. What is the evidence and how should we act?

Nigel Griffiths, MP, established a campaign earlier this year with George Monbiot to highlight the threat of global warming and put pressure on the new US Republican administration to ratify the Kyoto protocols. This followed his examination of the evidence influencing President Bush and other research arising from the Rio Summit. Nigel Griffiths chairs a pilot project for energy audits and action programmes.

Location of meeting

Society Business

The President, Dr Allen D C Simpson, will be in the Chair

  1. Nominations for Fellowship of the Society:
  2. Notice for the Winter Public Meeting, to be given in Royal Museum of Scotland on Monday 3 December 2001, by Prof Gordon McVie, Director General of the Cancer Research Campaign.
  3. Notice for the Third Meeting, to be held on Monday 21 January 2002, in the University Library.

Members of the Public are welcome to attend

Graham Rule, Secretary

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