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5th Meeting of the 181st Session (2001-2002)

"Global disorder and regime stability post 11th September 2001"

Jim Wyllie
Senior Lecturer
Politics & International Relations
University of Aberdeen

In the Wolfson Suite, Ground Floor
Edinburgh University Library
George Square, Edinburgh
On Monday 11th March 2002, at 7 pm

The strategic, political and historical context necessary for an investigation of the effects on international security of the 11 September attacks on the United States will be scrutinised. The examination of the character and condition of global (dis)order will incorporate an assessment of the power, objectives and behaviour of the United States and the relationship of the world's sole superpower with its formal and informal allies over a range of sensitive issues. One of the most sensitive of these issues is the quest for security and stability in the Middle East - the crucible of the world's most intractable and challenging conflicts, but also a location of profound economic importance for the current and future prosperity of all the advanced industrial societies and those societies aspiring to that status. Analyses of the stability of key energy states (viz. Saudi Arabia and Iran), the enduring character of popular anti-Westernism, and the nature of the "war against terrorism" will constitute salient elements of an appraisal of Middle East insecurity and how that region's travails impact upon the wider world. The liklihood of global political turbulence over the longer term, and a slow but inevitable return to the "usual disorder of history", will also be considered.

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The President, Dr Allen D C Simpson, will be in the Chair

  1. Nominations for Fellowship of the Society will be tabled at the meeting.
  2. Notice of the RSSA Annual Science Festival Lecture on Friday 5th April 2002

Members of the Public are welcome to attend

Graham Rule, Secretary

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