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8th Meeting and AGM of the 181st Session (2001-2002)

Hill and Adamson: where photography began

David Bruce
Director of the D.O.Hill Bicentenary Festival

In the Wolfson Suite, Ground Floor
Edinburgh University Library
George Square, Edinburgh
On Monday 14th October 2002, at 7 pm

2002 has seen unprecedented attention given to Scottish Photography, in particular to David Octavius Hill the bi-centenary of whose birth has been the trigger.

There have been exhibitions, an international conference, materials to every school in the land, a tv drama-documentary, a new play, workshops, books and much more.

The partnership of Hill with Robert Adamson undoubtedly achieved remarkable things not least in recording the Edinburgh of the 1840s but what, honestly, is all the fuss about?

The photographs they produced - calotypes - are only small bits of brown paper; and is it really the case that what they and the other Scottish pioneers did had such an influence on the course of the history of photography that it can be claimed that photography is the one art to which Scotland's contribution has been vital?

David Bruce, Director of the D O Hill Bicentenary Festival, will try to make the case, aided by some of the most extraordinary images ever made.

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