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5th Meeting of the 183rd Session (2003-2004)
The RSSA Annual Science Festival Lecture

"The Decade of the Mind"

Professor Steven Rose
Director of the Brain and Behaviour Research Group, The Open University

Royal Museum and Museum of Scotland
7pm on Saturday April 3rd 2004

We are living, according to some, in the decade of the mind: a time when new neurotechnologies offer unrivalled power to read and manipulate our thoughts, feelings and emotions. These techniques provide "windows" into the working brain, and bring the promise - or threat - of detecting in advance anything from psychopathy to racist thoughts. More certainly, they will also bring a host of new tailored drugs to sooth our anger, enhance our cognitive powers and ensure we conform to social norms. The time to start worrying about these implications, and how we can control them, is now.

This is the Opening Event of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Tickets are £7.00 (£5.00 concessions - including RSSA Fellows) and should be purchased from the EISF Box Office. Some further details of this meeting are included on the Science Festival's own website

Web have a link to a map showing the location of the meeting

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