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The Royal Scottish Society of Arts
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8th Meeting and Annual General Meeting of the 183rd Session (2003-2004)

Science in Schools, the role of Earth Science

Dr Stuart Monro

In the Wolfson Suite, Ground Floor
Edinburgh University Library
George Square, Edinburgh
On Monday 18th October 2004, at 7 pm

In this talk, the crisis facing science teaching in Scottish schools will be examined and the initiatives that have been put together by the Earth Science community in order to put the discipline to work to support not only earth science itself but also the other sciences; chemistry, physics, biology and the all important mathematics. A case study involving how we explore the origins of the Moon bringing together technology, geology and astronomy will be presented. And how teachers can be better supported in delivering science in the classroom.

(The previously advertised talk by Dr Roger Musson has had to be postponed.)

Location of meeting

Society Business

The President, Dr Stuart Monro, will be in the Chair

  1. Fellows should note that the meeting will start with the Society's Annual General Meeting which is expected to take around 20 minutes. Papers will be available at the meeting.
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Members of the Public are welcome to attend after the close of the AGM.

Jane Ridder-Patrick, Secretary

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