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4th Meeting of the 184th Session (2004-2005)
The RSSA Annual Lecture 2005

Huygens - A first look at Titan

Prof John Zarnecki
Professor of Space Science
Open University

In the Biosphere of Our Dynamic Earth
Holyrood Road, Edinburgh
On Monday 21st February 2005, at 7 pm

Professor Zarnecki is Principal Investigator for the Surface Science Package, one of the six scientific instruments on the Huygens Probe which touched down on the surface of Titan, Saturn's largest moon on 15th January 2005 after an interplanetary journey of seven and a quarter years. Titan is larger than the planet Mercury, and the only planetary satellite in the entire Solar System to possess a significant atmosphere. Most interestingly, it appears that Titan's atmosphere is the site of a whole range of chemical reactions that produce increasingly complex hydrocarbon molecules. Similar reactions in Earth's early atmosphere over four billion years ago led to the conditions under which simple life evolved. The journey of the Huygens probe will be described as well as its final dramatic plunge to the surface. Very early results will be presented with emphasis on the United Kingdom's contribution.

Location of meeting

This event is free to all who wish to attend.
Capacity, however, is 250 so please come early.

Jane Ridder-Patrick, Secretary

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