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2nd Meeting of the 185th Session (2005-2006)

New solutions to old cases
advances in the forensic sciences

Professor Jim Fraser,
The Centre for Forensic Science,
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

In the Wolfson Suite, Ground Floor
Edinburgh University Library
George Square, Edinburgh
On Monday 5th December 2005, at 7 pm

It is now common practice for law enforcement agencies throughout the world to review unsolved cases that still have the potential to be solved. Although recent developments in DNA profiling have been highly influential in the outcomes of some notable cases, breakthroughs are not always technological or scientific. Changes in the law, developments in investigative procedures and more effective use of behavioural and forensic sciences frequently play a part in case reviews.

This presentation outlines a standard methodology for 'cold' case reviews and illustrates the process with a number of recent high profile cases.

Professor Fraser been involved directly as an expert witness or in an advisory capacity in over 200 homicides and over 1000 sexual offences. He also has significant experience of terrorist offences.

Some high profile examples of Prof Fraser's casework are The Yorkshire Ripper (1975-1981), Robert Black (1990-1995), Michael Stone (1996-2001), The Dover tragedy (2000), Steven Downing (1978 and 2002), Damilola Taylor (2000-2005)

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