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7th Meeting of the 186th Session (2006-2007)

Population Control:
Policies which dare not speak their name

Professor Aubrey Manning OBE FRSE FIBiol
Emeritus Professor of Natural History
The University of Edinburgh

In Law Lecture Theatre 175,
University of Edinburgh Old College,
South Bridge, Edinburgh
On Monday 30th April 2007, at 7pm

During the late 60s and 70s human populations and their rapid growth were matters of some public debate but in recent decades they have been scarcely mentioned even as concerns about pollution, water supplies, food production, loss of biodiversity and climate change have gradually mounted. Now there are perhaps a few feeble signs that our species is emerging from its long term state of denial about such issues. We face unique problems and we are not in a good state to deal with the biological realities which will come to dominate our future. Professor Manning shall be searching out some grounds for optimism — or at least hope.

Professor Manning is a long-time environmentalist with special concerns about human numbers and population growth. He is a Patron of the Optimum Population Trust, an Advisor to the Population and Sustainability Network, and a former member of the Population Studies Panel of the Wellcome Trust. He is President of the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts and 'Goodwill Ambassador' to the International Board of the United Nations Year of Planet Earth, 2008.

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