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4th Meeting of the 187th Session (2007-2008)

"How to be a Medical Inventor"

Dr Frank Prior BPharm MSc MBA PhD MRPharmS MIBiol FRSSA

In the Augustine United Church
41 George IV Bridge
Edinburgh, EH1 1EL
On Monday 14th January 2008, at 7pm


Most people have at least one invention within them. However, the inventing step is the easy part. Turning the idea into a practical prototype, testing this, making it fit for purpose, understanding the market, and finally getting sales, is a long, expensive and complicated process. Dr Prior will describe his early inventions within the NHS, the struggles to get these developed and his experience as a commercial development manager in academia. He will then describe the "Visible Stethoscope", "Electro-elution", the "Bug Scanner", and his present involvement in overcoming orthostatic intolerance during space flight.

Dr Prior's career as a medical inventor began while he was a pharmacist involved in quality control and poisons analysis. He developed a method of identifying white unmarked tablets in overdose cases, invented the 'All in One' infusion system as well as reverse flow wound irrigation apparatus for treatment of osteomyelitis and set up the first UK TPN service and the first Scottish IV additive service. In 1991 he put forward a new physico-chemical model of blood pressure and fluid exchange, Pulse Reverse Osmosis (PRO), which describes the etiology of oedema, shock and hypertension. On this he researched his PhD. Dr Prior has authored 98 publications to date, is the named inventor in 8 patents and has an alter ego as singer songwriter, professional photographer and keen sailor.

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