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2nd Meeting of the 189th Session (2008-2010)

"The Evolution of Modern Wind Technology"

Peter Jamieson
Garrad Hassan & Partners Ltd

In the Augustine United Church
41 George IV Bridge
Edinburgh, EH1 1EL
On Monday 9th November 2009, at 7pm

The transition from the windmill as a picturesque reminder of a bygone age to modern wind turbines, which now meet large proportions of electricity demand in some European countries, has taken place since the late 1970's. This is discussed with the focus on the technology itself, how it has developed and gained credibility, how big will wind turbines get, what influences the numerous design choices like number of blades , what innovative wind energy technologies promise reduction in cost of energy etc. The enormous expansion of the European offshore wind market is reviewed and future technology directions are indicated.

Peter Jamieson studied maths and physics at Glasgow University. He has been a wind energy professional since 1980. He was responsible for wind turbine development in James Howden (Glasgow, Scotland) until 1988 and much involved in the design of wind turbines for a 26 MW wind farm erected in California in 1985. He joined Garrad Hassan in 1991 and now heads Special Projects department. His work comprises general technology reviews for commercial wind energy companies, sometimes in the context of company acquisitions, and also technology reviews for public bodies such as the European Wind Energy Association. However his primary role has been in technology development, assisting in the design and evaluation of innovative components and innovative wind turbine designs for commercial clients. Clients include major players in the wind industry developing next generation technology and small companies aiming to commercialise innovations.

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