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3rd Meeting of the 189th Session (2009-2010)

Climate change in Scotland's seas

Dr Richard Luxmoore
Senior Nature Conservation Adviser
National Trust for Scotland

In the Augustine United Church
41 George IV Bridge
Edinburgh, EH1 1EL
On Monday 14th December 2009, at 7pm

Most of the focus of public concern about climate change has been on the impacts on land, in particular on vegetation communities. It is increasingly being recognised that the sea is even more susceptible to climate change and that some of the changes already recorded are far greater than those seen on land. Sea temperatures in parts of the West of Scotland have risen by 1.5C in 25 years, proportionately far greater than the rises experienced on land. The impacts that this has had are equally spectacular, with some plankton species shifting their range by up to 1000km. This has knock-on effects on the fish and seabirds that depend on the plankton. Add to this the impacts on sea level rise, on rising acidity and on increasing storminess, and the sea is where the greatest effects of the changing climate are likely to be seen.

Richard Luxmoore obtained a PhD in marine ecology while working for the British Antarctic Survey. After a spell as a fish farm manager in western Scotland, he joined the World Conservation Monitoring Centre in Cambridge where he became head of the Habitats Unit. In this capacity he was responsible for conservation assessments of the status of the world’s coral reefs and tropical forests. He moved back to Scotland in 1998 to work for the National Trust for Scotland where he is the Senior Nature Conservation Adviser.

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