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6th Meeting of the 191st Session (2011-2012)

Glasgow in 3-D; dividends from our coal mining legacy

Dr Diarmad Campbell
Chief Geologist, Scotland
British Geological Survey

In the Augustine United Church
41 George IV Bridge
Edinburgh, EH1 1EL
On Monday 12th March 2012, at 7pm

Our towns and cities need sustainable solutions to the environmental challenges they face and to maximise the assets at their disposal. Regeneration projects in the Glasgow area are an important catalyst for developing such solutions. 3D models of Glasgow's subsurface, developed by BGS's multidisciplinary Clyde-Urban SuperProject (CUSP), are contributing to this environmental problem-solving. They are highly visual, incredibly easy to use, as will be demonstrated, and are helping to form strategies to mitigate industrial contamination and to develop sustainable drainage. Most intriguingly, however, the lecture will show how the models are highlighting the scale and extent of potential thermal resources in the labyrinth of abandoned coal mines beneath the Glasgow area and beyond. The heat is renewable (and can be topped up during summer), and can be extracted sustainably - with the help of the 3D models - to heat buildings, potentially on a very large scale.

Diarmad Campbell is the British Geological Survey's Chief Geologist, Scotland responsible for the onshore geological surveying and 3D modelling of Scotland. Before that he was Head of the Hong Kong Geological Survey, giving geological advice to the Hong Kong SAR Government on urban development, infrastructure projects, and landslides. That followed an earlier attachment to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, to provide assistance to the gold mining industry in Zimbabwe.

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