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1st Meeting of the 193rd Session (2013-2014)

Prof Robin Sellar

Prof Robin Sellar

The brain: attacked from within

Professor Robin Sellar MB BS BSc DMRD FRCR FRCP FRCS
Professor of minimally invasive brain surgery
Edinburgh University

In the Augustine United Church
41 George IV Bridge
Edinburgh, EH1 1EL
On Monday 7th October 2013, at 7pm

The lecture "the brain: attacked from within" will concentrate on the developing field of minimally invasive brain surgery. The history of this new specialty will be covered briefly, then details of its achievements, including the management of stroke and its underlying causes. In particular the management of cerebral aneurysms and arterio-venous malformations in both adults and in children will be covered. Finally there will be a look at the latest methods of managing acute thromboembolic stroke with clot pulling devices and fragmentation tools.

In such as fast moving field scientific research has many pitfalls but needs to be undertaken so as to avoid patients getting treated by "the greatest breakthrough since lunchtime." The talk will cover the trials and tribulations of trying to make the speciality scientific and safe.

After graduating MBBS in Medicine and BSc in Psychology in London, Robin Sellar came to Edinburgh in 1979 as a clinical cardiologist but changed to radiology in 1980. In the same year he was appointed Lecturer in Clinical Imaging. In 1986 he was appointed Consultant Neuroradiologist and Senior Lecturer in the department of Clinical Neurosciences. The division has, over the past 20 years, built up an international reputation for its clinical service and research.

Dr Sellar has written more than 200 papers and articles. His research has been acknowledged by the British Institute of Radiology (the Mackenzie Davidson Medal) and the Royal College of Radiologists (the Roentgen Medal). He is currently a joint applicant and executive member of Sinapse (£40 million grant). His main research interests have been developing new techniques in interventional neuroradiology and clinical trials in stroke and subarachnoid haemorrhage.

Dr Sellar is the past President of the British Society of Neuroradiologists and is the current President of the Scottish Neurosciences Council and the Dean of the School of Neurosciences. In 2011 he was awarded an Honorary Professorship with the College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

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