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4th Meeting of the 195th Session (2015-2016)

Prof Susan Roaf

Prof Susan Roaf

Powering 21st Century Buildings: All Change

Professor of Architectural Engineering
Heriot Watt University

In the Augustine United Church
41 George IV Bridge
Edinburgh, EH1 1EL
On Monday 25th January 2016, at 7pm

The key drivers for change in the way we deal with energy in buildings are the need to radically reduce carbon emissions from building to reduce the risk of catastrophic climate change, to adapt our buildings to help us quite simply survive in a warming world and to find new ways of powering our buildings without using harmful and diminishing fossil fuel reserves. The scale and rates of change occurring around us herald an already rapid response within the built environment to counteract the devastating impacts of continuing to build as we did in the 20th Century. This talk will outline the changes we need to make in the types of buildings we build, the way we harvest energy to power them and the ways in which our own lifestyles will have to evolve to taken advantage of these changes.

Sue Roaf, B.A.Hons, A.A. Dipl., PhD, ARB, FRIAS, FRSA, FRSS, WCCA , is Professor of Architectural Engineering at Heriot Watt University and an award winning teacher, author and editor of 16 books, architect, a renewable energy pioneer and an Oxford City Councillor for seven years. Her research covers Windcatchers, nomadic architecture, traditional technologies, Mesopotamian archaeology, photovoltaics, Ecohouse, Low Carbon, Resilient and Sustainable building design and Thermal Comfort. She is on the Boards/Committees of ISES Solar Cities and Communities Network; Solar City Dundee; Heriot Watt Energy Academy; the Scottish Institute of Solar Energy Research; AES Solar Ltd.; ICARB: The Initiative for Carbon Accounting; Adaptation theme for the Scottish Centre of Expertise in Climate Change and the Resilient Design Institute in New York. Recent awards for 2013 include Top 6 for the 2013 UK; ‘First Women’ Awards in the Built Environment; Top 10 ‘Women in Architecture’ Awards 2011, Architect’s Journal, London.

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