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2nd Meeting of the 196th Session (2016-2017)

The Big Squeeze - Putting Materials Under Pressure

Professor Colin R Pulham

Professor Colin R Pulham

Professor Colin R Pulham
Professor of High-Pressure Chemistry and Head of School of Chemistry
The University of Edinburgh

On Monday 31st October 2016, at 7pm

This demonstration lecture will highlight the research being conducted in Edinburgh and in other institutions into the effects of very high pressures (up to a million times greater than at the surface of the Earth) on a range of materials. At these pressures, oxygen forms beautiful red crystals and eventually becomes metallic; new forms of ice are produced that melt above 100 °C; and graphite turns into diamond. Find out how high pressures can be used in the processing of foods such as fruit juices and shellfish to make them safer to eat, and how we can improve our understanding of explosives. Join us on this voyage to explore the weird and wonderful world of high pressure!

Prof. Colin Pulham holds a personal chair in High-Pressure Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, is a member of the Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions (CSEC) at Edinburgh, and is currently Head of the School of Chemistry. His research interests include the study of crystallisation processes under a wide range of conditions, with particular interests in the effects of high pressure on molecular compounds such as pharmaceuticals, energetic materials (explosives, propellants), and fuels. He is also studying the use of heat-storage materials for domestic and industrial applications. Colin has a longstanding interest in public engagement and has been awarded several prizes including the Royal Society Kohn Award for Excellence in Engaging the Public with Science.

Dr Jenny Bos who was previously advertised as presenting this talk jointly with Prof Pulham was unable to be with us for this event.