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6th Meeting of the 202nd Session (2022-2023)

The Big Data Revolution - the journey from discovery of DNA structure to the sequencing of the human genome and beyond

Dr Sarah Lynagh

Dr Sarah Lynagh

Dr Sarah Lynagh
Chief Executive Officer
Fios Genomics

On Monday 27th March 2023, at 7pm

We live in a very data thirsty era with data being collected and processed about us every minute of every day data from number of steps, consumed macros, spending habits to our international movements. With such ability to generate data there has never been more of a need for robust, consistent and secure ways which this data must be stored, processed & utilised. Using human genetic data as an example, this lecture will talk through the journey of discovery from DNA structure to personalised medicine and the challenges that exist within.

Sarah Lynagh is the CEO of Fios Genomics, an Edinburgh based contract research organisation. Fios Genomics started as a University spin-out and provides an extensive range of bioinformatics data analysis services to biotechnology & pharmaceutical companies, contract research organisations and academia worldwide. Sarah has been with Fios since 2012 having previously held the roles of Commercial Director and COO. Prior to joining Fios, she worked for Biopta Ltd as Head of Research and Development (Glasgow), was Head of Preclinical Development at BTG International (London) and was Study Director at Maccine (Singapore). She is a current member of the Scottish Government International Trade Board.

Sarah earned her doctorate in neuropharmacology at the University of Glasgow. She is experienced in SME growth and development. Her specialities include: Drug development, sales and marketing, lead generation, project management, disease modelling, formal preclinical testing, lead candidate selection, target validation, set up and implementation of quality systems, company development & strategy.