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Summer Visits 2024

Please note that Visits are usually only open to Fellows of the Society. Occasionally there may be space for some guests of Fellows.

Saturday 27th July at 10.00am

Visit to Torness Power Station

Torness is due to be shut down in 2028 so here us an opportunity to visit it whilst it is still an operational nuclear power station.

The visit will commence promptly at 10.00am.

Torness advise that the walking tour of the station will take approximately 90 minutes and will include use of lifts, narrow corridors and over 90 stairs. The tour may not be suitable for people with walking difficulties.

To comply with the requirements of the site licence and the regulators, visitors will be subject to security clearance processes.

The following information will be required for every tour participant at least 3 weeks before the scheduled tour and will be requested from all visiting the power station by the RSSA Secretary.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality

In addition, each participant over the age of 16 must bring photographic ID on the day of the tour. A passport is the preferred form of ID, but if someone does not have a valid passport we can accept their photographic driving licence accompanied by their birth certificate (issued within six weeks of birth).

Mobile phones, cameras and other electronic devices are not permitted on the tour. Visitors will be asked to consent to a personal search, which will be conducted using a handheld metal detector. Entry to site cannot proceed without this consent.

If you wish to join the visit and have not already done so, please contact the Secretary, Peter Jones, as soon as possible and by Friday 14th June at the very latest. secretary@rssa.org.uk

Tuesday 10th September at 2.00pm

Visit to the Fastblade research unit at Rosyth

FastBlade is the world’s first test facility that uses regenerative hydraulic technology to offer high-quality, low-cost fatigue testing of tidal blades and other composite structures for research and product development.

The address of the Fastblade Centre, which is part of the School of Engineering, University Edinburgh is Building 29 Watt Rd, Rosyth, Dunfermline KY11 2XH

For further details about Fastblade, and the work undertaken in the research unit you are recommended to visit their website https://www.fastblade.eng.ed.ac.uk/

If you would like to join this visit please email the secretary as soon as possible and by the end of August at the very latest. secretary@rssa.org.uk

Peter Jones
23 Queen's Crescent
Edinburgh EH9 2BB
Email: secretary@rssa.org.uk

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